[size=10pt]Adobe Flash Player Download[/size]

File size:* 1,136 K

Download Time Estimate: 2 minutes @ 56K modem

Version: 9,0,45,0

Browser: Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera

Date Posted: 4/12/2007

Language: English

[size=10pt]Java for Windows - Firefox/Mozilla [/size]

Version 6 Update 1

[size=10pt]QuickTime 7[/size]

QuickTime 7.1.6 with iTunes for Windows 2000/XP

QuickTime 7.1.6 for Windows 2000/XP

[size=10pt]RealPlayer Free Download[/size]

.::buradan size uygun olan覺 se癟in::.

[size=10pt] Shockwave Player Download[/size]

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Download Time Estimate: 6 minutes @ 56K modem

Platform: Windows

Version: Shockwave

Browser: Netscape or Netscape-compatible and Internet Explorer

Date Posted: 5/7/2007

Language: English, French, German

[size=10pt]Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin[/size]

You must close all other browser windows before installing.*

File size: 302K


Windows XP SP2 (x86)

Windows XP SP2 (x64)

Windows Vista (x86)

Windows Vista (x64)

Browser: Firefox